Dear Brothers and Sisters, 3/26/2020 Governor Sisolak has recently banned public gatherings of ten or more people in Nevada. As Christians we are called to “be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established” (Romans 13:1). In light of the governor’s order we will be live-streaming our service at instead of gathering together on Sunday mornings for the time being. However, my office will remain open Monday through Thursday to meet with any of you for counseling, prayer, etc Our live-stream will begin at 10:45am on Sunday mornings and can be accessed from our website, Announcements, worship music, and the preaching of the Word will all be included. Let me be clear that live-streaming is not ideal, and we would be mistaken to think that virtual church is church. Live-streaming is not a valid substitute for what we do together on Sunday mornings, but it is our best option right now. This is one of the main reasons why, without a state mandate, we did not believe that cancelling services and just livestreaming was our first line of defense. It should be our last line, not our first. It grieves us that we will not be able to physically gather on Sunday mornings, and we look forward with anxious anticipation to the time when we can once again do so! In order to benefit as much as possible from the live-streamed service, we strongly encourage you to observe the following: 1. Be physically, mentally, and spiritually present and prepared to engage in worship from your home. Make sure you know how to access the service from our website: If you are using a laptop, make sure it is charged or plug it in. Have your Bible ready and also something to write with if you take notes. A few minutes before the live-stream begins, pray together that God would prepare your heart for His message. 2. Please limit all distractions. Avoid answering the phone or text messages. Don’t get up midway through to make yourself a cup of coffee or grab a snack. Limit talking and moving around. 3. Please sing along with the songs as best as you are able. God delights in hearing His children sing! 4. Please stand during our Scripture reading. It might seem weird or uncomfortable to stand with a Bible in your own living room, but we want to show reverence and honor to God no matter where we are. 5. Please check with others in the church who may not have the ability to participate in our live-stream service. If you are able to assist them in any way – whether by providing them with a device they can use or by inviting them to join you and your family, please do that. Consider inviting your family, friends, and co-workers who wouldn’t usually come to church to join the livestream at and pray that God would save them. 6. God calls us to give regularly, joyfully and sacrificially to His purposes as an act of worship and trust in His provision. Now more than ever is the time to exercise your faith in this way. Your giving during this time will help our local and foreign missionaries, will pay our utilities, our staff, and help those in our body who are in need. You can mail your gifts to the church or drop them off at the church office Monday- Thursday. Trusting in our Sovereign God, Pastor Andrew and the Deacons P.S. Our live-stream will begin at 10:45am on Sunday mornings and can be accessed from our website,